March 23, 2017

To All Home Buyers: I just wanted to take the time to tell everyone how instrumental Elise Souza was in finding me a home. I first needed to sell my mom’s home, so I was able to buy another home. Elise knew it was the home I grew up in, and it wasn’t easy for me to sell it. She listed the property and the next day it sold in a half an hour. She walked me through everything one step ata time, guiding me through the process, knowing it was a difficult decision for me to make. Once that offer was in place, within two weeks, she found the home I am living in now. Elise understood my needs and knew the neighborhoods I was interested in. I love my new home and have Elise to thank for it. If you need a Realtor that knows today’s real estate market, look no further than Elise Souza with Rod Aluisi Real Estate.

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