March 27, 2017

Rod Aluisi Real Estate has been pursuing and promoting custom lots more than any other broker in Fresno County. Just a few years ago, most of the leading brokers in our area saw what was coming to the high-end home inventory. Although the market at the upper-end had not yet picked up, inventory was low. When the market picked up, that inventory was absorbed within a few months. Rod Aluisi was the first to see this and come up with a solution by pursuing vacant lots. He has formed partnerships with builders like us and has helped fill the gap in the inventory problem.
With the market at the upper-end still growing and inventory still low; Rod Aluisi continues to be an authority on the sale of custom home lots. They specialize in marketing and having the skills, experience and knowledge to package and complete the sale. They have helped and guided frustrated buyers through a complicated process. The past 12 months, Rod Aluisi Real Estate had accounted for 4 of our current contract builds and 4-5 of our deals we are currently working.

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