March 23, 2017

The intent of this letter is to express my sincere appreciation to your company and your agent for the exceptional service she provided to us during a recent listing of our home. My wife and I are facing an impending move to Southern California as a result of my employment. With a great deal of reluctance, the selling of our home in Clovis seemed to us to be a logical step in the transfer process. After coming to this decision, my wife, Leslie, contacted your agent to request information on listing our house with your company. She was extremely helpful. She presented all the information we felt we needed to set our plan in motion. We found her to be extremely competent and professional. Her amiable personality and positive outlook impressed us greatly. Soon after engaging her services, She conscientiously carried out efforts to sell our home. In addition to showing the house on numerous occasions, she also arranged advertising and hosted several open houses. We were confident we selected the right agent to represent our interests Last week, however, some information came to light suggesting our move may not be permanent. As such, we decided it would be better for us to keep our house. Our only regret was facing the unpleasant task of advising our agent of our new decision. She now feels like a close friend. We were comforted to discover she was very understanding and accepting of our change of plans. While we did not follow through with the sale of our home, we certainly gained a great deal of respect for you agent and the company she represents. I will certainly recommend your company to our friends and family. Thank you for providing us with quality service.

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